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10 Helpful Gifts for Stroke Patients that Improve Recovery

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A stroke can be scary for both the person affected by the stroke and their loved ones. It’s important to remember that patients who have been affected by a stroke and their families can benefit from therapy. While recovering from a cerebrovascular event, or stroke, our community’s health and wellness program can help you find a custom plan to suit your needs.

In this blog, we’ll go over these 10 gift ideas that can support recovery, as well as where to get them:

  1. Adaptive Utensils
  2. Hand Therapy Balls
  3. Electric Heating Pad
  4. Massage Gun
  5. Cognitive Training Apps
  6. Standing Frame
  7. Speech Therapy Flashcards
  8. Exercise Bands
  9. Weighted Blankets
  10. Voice-Activated Smart Home Devices

How Does a Stroke Affect the Brain?

Strokes affect people differently depending on the severity and how quickly the individual received medical assistance. Because a stroke occurs in the brain, a person can experience partial paralysis, trouble speaking or understanding language, vision issues, mobility issues, and other challenges following the stroke. 

Considerations Before Selecting Your Gifts

As mentioned above, strokes can range in severity. Some gifts may not be right for certain people who have had strokes as it depends on how they have been affected.  

In the first 3 months after a stroke, the brain is in a “heightened state of plasticity,” so therapy becomes incredibly important during this time. Recovering from a stroke can be a challenging journey, but thoughtful gifts can greatly enhance a patient’s rehabilitation and quality of life. 

1. Adaptive Utensils

Following a stroke, muscles may feel weak and become difficult to move. Adaptive utensils are specially designed tools to help people eat that are easier to grip and maneuver, helping those with limited hand function. These utensils improve independence and confidence during meals, making it easier for stroke patients to feed themselves.

Where to get them: Available at medical supply stores and online retailers like Amazon.

2. Hand Therapy Balls

Hand therapy balls come in varying resistance levels and are used to strengthen hand muscles and improve dexterity. Regular use can enhance grip strength, flexibility, and overall hand function, crucial for daily tasks.

Where to get them: Available at physical therapy equipment suppliers or online stores such as Amazon and Theraband.

3. Electric Heating Pad

An electric heating pad provides consistent heat to soothe sore muscles and joints. Heat therapy can reduce pain and stiffness, improving mobility and comfort for stroke patients.

Where to get it: Available at pharmacies, big-box stores like Walmart, and online.

4. Massage Gun

A massage gun is a handheld device that delivers percussive therapy to muscles. It can relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and aid in muscle recovery.

Where to get it: Purchase from sports stores, specialty fitness retailers, or online platforms like Amazon.

5. Cognitive Training Apps

These are digital applications designed to enhance brain function through various exercises and games. Regular cognitive training can improve memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

Where to get it: Available for download on smartphones and tablets from app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play.

6. Standing Frame

A standing frame supports individuals into an upright position. Standing can help improve circulation, strengthen muscles, relieve pressure, and decrease spasticity, contributing to overall recovery.

Where to get it: Medical supply stores and specialized online retailers such as SpinLife and Med Mart.

7. Speech Therapy Flashcards

These are sets of cards with words and images designed to aid in speech and language recovery. They provide a practical tool for practicing speech, enhancing communication skills.

Where to get it: Available at educational stores and online platforms like Amazon and Super Duper Publications.

8. Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are elastic bands used for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. They help improve functional mobility, rebuild muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination in a controlled and safe manner.

Where to get it: Purchase from sports stores, physical therapy suppliers, or online retailers like Amazon and Thera-Band.

9. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a blanket filled with materials like beads to add weight, providing a sense of security and relaxation. It can reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and provide comfort, beneficial for mental health during recovery.

Where to get it: Available at bedding stores, big-box retailers like Target, and online platforms such as Amazon.

10. Voice-Activated Smart Home Devices

Devices like Amazon Echo or Google Nest allow users to control various home functions using voice commands. These devices can assist with daily tasks, increase independence, and offer easy access to information and entertainment.

Where to get it: Purchase from electronics stores, big-box retailers like Best Buy, or online.

Bonus Gifts

Other gift ideas you can explore include: 

  • Essential oils & vitamins 
  • Acupuncture or medical visits/therapy 
  • Electrical stimulation machine
  • Long-handled shoe horn
  • Subscription for meal delivery 

Each of these gifts is designed to support different aspects of stroke recovery, from physical rehabilitation to cognitive and emotional well-being. By choosing a thoughtful gift, you can make a meaningful impact on a stroke patient’s journey towards recovery.

Next Steps

Taking care of yourself is incredibly important, especially if you are caring for someone who has had a stroke. If a stroke or other medical issue has affected your loved one’s quality of life or ability to care for themselves, we’re here to help. Contact our team at Bentley Commons at Paragon Village, and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you and your loved one.

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